July 30, 2013

About Us

Taking advantage of international investment opportunities can be rewarding, but the tax implications can be complex. NTA walks you through the tax process step by step insuring your obligation is handled thoroughly, correctly, and to the high standards you expect.


When it comes to nonresident taxes experience is key – NTA has serviced clients in over 30 different countries. We understand the needs and expectations of our clients and hold ourselves to a high standard. NTA is the perfect complement to your U.S. investment.


Our Value Proposition


We are a boutique CPA firm that specializes in assisting nonresident US investors and domestic property management firms with their tax reporting matters.  For nonresident US investors, we customize tax-advantaged income and estate strategies that enable our clients to maximize wealth creation and asset preservation.  For property managers, we develop and implement compliance programs to ensure withholding minimization and efficiency.